Mindfulness with Teens

Research shows that practicing mindfulness can be extremely helpful to those challenged by depression, anxiety, ADHD, substance use disorders, and more. In fact, mindfulness is an essential component of several evidence-based practices, such as Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

However, the abstract nature of mindfulness can make it challenging to teach in ways that are meaningful and translate into the daily lives of many teen clients. In fact, those clients who would find mindfulness the most difficult to practice — due to significant impulse control issues, extreme hyper-vigilance, or chronic chaos-making behaviors — are generally the ones who would most benefit from it!

Our task as helpers, then, is to present mindfulness in ways that are concrete, accessible and provide obvious value. This highly interactive workshop focuses on practical strategies and engaging exercises that do just that. Along the way, we’ll also develop a deeper understanding of mindfulness, review the evidence supporting clinical applications of mindfulness, and develop practical skills for integrating mindfulness into our own work as professional helpers.

Mindfulness with Teens is typically scheduled 9:00am to 4:30pm, with an hour lunch and two short breaks, for a total of 6 clock hours of training. For more information or to schedule this presentation, please contact me.